Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

SOCCERIO sebagai situs komunitas fans bola

SOCCERIO.NET mengadakan sebuah event bulanan yang dikenal dengan Program Poin, dengan total hadiah jutaan rupiah bagi 5 (lima) orang pemenang serta 5 (lima) orang juara harapan.
Program Poin mewajibkan para pesertanya melakukan sejumlah aktifitas untuk mendapat poin, semakin sulit aktifitas yang dilakukan akan semakin besar pula poin yang diperoleh.
Program Poin merupakan awal dari Program Saham, dimana total jumlah poin yang dikumpulkan pengguna SOCCERIO akan menentukan besar kecil prosentase saham yang dimilikinya, prosentase saham itu sendiri menentukan besar kecilnya penghasilan bulanan yang akan diperoleh.


Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016

Inilah Nama Situs Resmi Lionel Messi di Internet

Lionel Messi bakal bisa lebih dekat dengan para penggemar setianya di dunia maya dalam waktu dekat. Pasalnya, bintang Barcelonaitu belum lama ini telah meluncurkan situs resmi dirinya.
Sebelumnya, penggawa Argentina juga sudah sering kali menyapa para pendukungnya dengan menggunakan media sosial seperti Instagram, Facebook, dan Weibo (sejenis Twitter namun berbasis Tiongkok).

Rabu, 05 Oktober 2016

Arsenal legend Robert Pires... told Thierry Henry may be the next Arsenal manager

Thierry Henry
Robert Pires Thierry Henry tipped to one day manage Arsenal explained by the club, and the players share a "very good relationship".

In an interview, which you can see above, the former Gunners midfielder ambitious manager of his former teammates from Arsenal said to be.

He also revealed that he is happy for 39 years, the assistant of Roberto Martinez in Belgium for the direction of his career headed was

Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016

Argentina officially claimed Injured Lionel Messi "not careful"

Leonel Messi
Argentina official Jorge Miadosqui boldly suggéré playing The Lionel Messi does not look after-à son properly by zeal every minute of every game.

After the season a strong start, Messi took 1-1 draw against Atletico Madrid last month, missing the last two league fixtures a

FIFA president Gianni Infantino Proposes 48-team World Cup

Gianni Infantino
FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Monday he would like to expand the number of teams in the World Cup to 48 by adding a one-match playoff at the tournament's start.
Under the new format, the 16 countries did finish highest in qualifying rounds for the 2026 World Cup would automatically make the group stage of the global football showcase, Infantino said.

"The next 32 (teams) would play a match, a playoff, three days before the World Cup to
decide the other 16," He Said during a visit to a

Senin, 03 Oktober 2016

Ranieri plans to turn tired Stars

Claudio Ranieri
Claudio Ranieri has promised to rethink how he was juggling the demands of competition in the Premier League and Champions League to Leicester to a sluggish 0-0 of Southampton instead.
Ranieri side were unable to reproduce the situation the relentless pace of work that brought them to their fairytale title triumph last season, and they are 10 points behind leaders Manchester City after Sunday Deadlock king Power Stadium.
Leicester was quite perky in their midweek Champions League win over Porto dominated, but five days later, they were much less dynamic than Southampton for a long time and should have taken all three points.

Ranieri has time to work on a solution during the international break, and he gave it might be wise several players following European matches after

Real Madrid sent Bayern Munich to monitor their scouts midfield striker Timothy Tillman

Timothy Tillman of Germany shoots at goal
During the UEFA Youth League last week Bayern Munich Timothy Tellman has the winning goal for his team against Atletico Madrid as the youth of Bayern to Madrid took three points back and currently sit top of their group.
Real Madrid feels had their scouts Bayern Munich attacking midfielder to monitor Timothy Tillman
In recent score Timothy Tellman Bayern Munich UEFA Youth Week winners contre for his side young Atletico Madrid FC Bayern to Madrid took three points back and sitting on their current group above.
Selon MARCA, the German-American native
scouts from Real Madrid During the game HAD _him_ monitoring. The 17-year-old